7 Best Covid-Christmas Gifts for Your Employees

Christmas is just around the corner, and we are all searching for the perfect gift for a friend or family member. But what about our employees and other members of our work team?

Especially in this pandemic world, there are challenges in finding the best employee Christmas gifts to show how much you appreciate your staff navigating this unusual year. 

We've put together this guide for the perfect gifts to get for your employees this Christmas.

1. Books

Books are always a great option for Christmas. Nothing is better than curling up with a great book on a Christmas evening or on the morning after Christmas.

Since this year has been unusual, it is important to think about what types of books will benefit your employees the most. For example, someone on your customer service team could benefit greatly from a book on how to provide great customer service.

Think about choosing a book this Christmas that will improve your employee's work life.

2. A Tin of Gourmet Popcorn

Popcorn tins have always been a holiday tradition and a great snack while watching your favorite Christmas movie. They are the perfect gift to send right to your employee’s home for them and their families to enjoy. 

Companies like Smith Family Popcorn will even customize the tin’s lid with your logo and a gift message. 

3. Board Games

You may want to consider getting your employee a gift that they can enjoy with their friends and family and nothing works better than a great board game.

Game nights are typically some of the most fun and special times over the Christmas holiday. As an alternative to traditional board games, you could give them popular card games such as Cards Against Humanity or What do You Meme?

4. Headphones

We have all become audiophiles. We love listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks on our favorite device. But finding a great pair of headphones remains a challenge.

This Christmas, find a great pair of headphones that your employees will love. You might want to consider large noise-canceling headphones or smaller earphones such as AirPods.

5. Scented Candles

One of the best gifts that many employees appreciate are scented candles. These are a great way to add an ambiance to the Christmas table. 

They can also be kept in your employee's home workspace. When they are feeling stressed about work, lighting a candle and taking in the aroma can make all the difference to their mood. This is a gift item that is understated but never under-appreciated.

6. Streaming Subscription

We all love watching our favorite movies and television shows using a streaming service. Wouldn't it be nice for your employee to spend their Christmas day catching up on their favorite show or discovering a great movie?

Consider buying them a year-long subscription to a popular streaming service. For the average person, Netflix or Hulu will be the ideal service. If you know that your employee is a film buff with an eclectic taste in films, you should consider buying them a subscription of niche streaming services such as The Criterion Channel and MUBI.

7. Work-From-Home Essentials

During this unusual year, your employees are probably working from home more than ever. Consider getting them a gift that helps make their work-from-home life more manageable. 

This can range from a great coffee mug, a laptop stand, or an external webcam.

As remote work becomes more popular, you want to provide them with whatever products and services can help them make the work-from-home experience more enjoyable and convenient.

Choose the Perfect Employee Christmas Gift

Now that you know some of the best employee Christmas gifts, you can choose the ideal ones for your employees. Make sure to share this guide with your fellow business owners!

If you're ever interested in getting gifts for an upcoming corporate event, we'd be glad to help you!

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