Kernel's Pupcorn
Kernel's Pupcorn
Kernel's Pupcorn

Kernel's Pupcorn

When the Smiths opened their popcorn shop, their dog, Kernel, couldn't help but feel a little left out. He wasn't able to have any of the delicious treats himself. 

He took to the kitchen and began experimenting with ingredients approved by vets. A popcorn that would be safe for him and his friends to enjoy.

Kernel's Pupcorn was born.


*Choose Chicken or Beef



Chicken: Air-popped popcorn, Olive Oil, Chicken, Dehydrated Chicken Bone Broth, Potato Starch, Dehydrated Sweet Potato, Rosemary Extract

Beef: Air-popped popcorn, Olive Oil, Beef, Dehydrated Beef Bone Broth, Potato Starch, Sweet Potato

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