Beer Garden Board Member
Beer Garden Board Member

Beer Garden Board Member

The Smith Family is opening a Beer Garden in Hyannis on Main Street! As part of the design we have decided to create a “boardwalk” as the focal point for our outdoor space. Like the famous boardwalks of Cape Cod, we would love to give friends and family the opportunity to purchase boards and engrave them with names or messages. After giving it some more consideration we decided that these “board members” should be like an exclusive club with certain perks.

Full transparency: we are still working out what these perks will be. Some ideas that have been thrown out are board member shirts, custom beer mugs and a board member only party. The only thing we can guarantee right now is an engraved board with your name or message on it but rest assured we will always be trying to think of creative ways to reward the board members!

After this initial offering, if there are any left, we will most likely open board sales up to the general public. Once we are ready to install the boardwalk, we will email a form asking what name/message you would like us to carve on your board. The boards are 5 1/2" wide. The 4 foot length would hold around 30-35 characters and the 8 foot board would be about double that.

Thank you all for your support of Smith Family Popcorn over the last five years! We would not be able to take on this new opportunity without the incredible support from our friends and family! 

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